With over two decades of experience in protection and security, our team are a passionate group who enjoy the variety of their work. They’ve operated expert precautions for numerous companies, events and industries over the years and will be able to implement the specialist, bespoke security you need.

Manchester Specialist Protection and Security Solutions

Our approach for producing effective security solutions rely on our team being entirely unique in our methods. Having worked with a range of prestigious clients in the corporate sector, special occasions and public environments, we are well equipped to manage any level of security of any size. 

Our ambition from the beginning was to offer a specialist service at an affordable price. We aim to alleviate and innovate through our smart protection solutions. 

Through forming a connection with our clients, we become part of your organisation to remove the stress and fears surrounding wellbeing and defence. We have a dynamic and robust workforce who convey our services across the entirety country.

Delivering optimum safety to you

Our security expertise can add a great deal of value to your business. Not only through our services, but also through extensive training and advice. This is available through our security consultancy – which can add great value to your business and staff.

No matter how complex your security needs are, we will be able to help you.