It is the policy of cubic security solutions limited to ensure that all our activities at all times achieve the highest level of environmental control.

Environmental considerations are taken into account in all purchasing decisions.  All plant, equipment and materials used by cubic security solutions limited are, to the best of our knowledge environmentally friendly.

The company also ensure that it adheres to its own Environmental Management Systems, Process Controls and Procedures and strive to improve them continuously.

The Company is committed to applying Good Professional Practice throughout its organisation and to fulfilling a high standard of performance and the expectations of its customers.

All staff must familiarize themselves and regularly update themselves on the Company’s standards of environmental management, and are required to take a positive attitude to minimizing the company impact on the environment

Good Housekeeping is the duty of all employees and contractors; waste material is disposed of responsibly.

All Company vehicles are run on unleaded fuel or diesel.

The company is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the environmental management systems, and to prevent pollution within the company-working environment, and to the wider external environment. 

This policy is under constant review and whenever possible more environmentally friendly products or methods of work will be introduced.