At Cubic Security Solutions, we have a team of consultants who specialise in physical security services among many other protection expertise.

As a physical security specialist, we adopt a central role in how your business addresses its current and future security and resilience needs. Our experts are specialist and evolving team who hold years of experience with physical security skills and knowledge.

A concise and tailored approach to security

Whichever client we work with, we ensure to meet your exact requirements.

We’ll review your incident reports and decide whether site visits are needed in response to the reports. We constantly monitor the status of physical security across our clients’ sites and develop a relationship with your staff and managers.

How we’ll work with you

We work with your managers and staff to apply mitigations to support security awareness campaigns across your sites and test local incident management plans or business continuity plans.

We also develop asset protection plans, carry out security surveys & audits, develop security strategies, carry out risk assessments and assess vulnerability to apply relevant security measures.